No more reason to lazy to exercise. In addition to the body more fit and healthy, the brain's ability will also increase.

Do not believe it? Recent study conducted by U.S. scientists proves exercise can help the formation of new cells in the brain regions associated with the ability to remember.

The results of experiments conducted on mice shows the cell growth in a brain area called the dentate gyrus, part of the hippocampus or the central requirement. In humans, the dentate gyrus was strongly influenced by age, especially in terms of ability to remember who began to decline when a person's aged 30 years.

In his research, the researchers used MRI scans (magnetic resonance imaging) to help see the brain processes that occur in rats. In the same way, researchers also use it on the human brain before and after exercise. The result, found the same pattern in both human and rat brain.

"Previously there was no study that examines the systematic differences in hippocampal brain regions and determine which parts of the brain affected sports," said Dr.Scott Small, a neurologist from Columbia University Medical Center, New York, USA.

After successfully seeing the process that occurs in mice, the researchers then conduct research on humans. They involve 11 healthy volunteers who were asked bodied to do aerobics daily for three months. The brains were photographed using MRI before and after doing this aerobic program. The research team also measured the ability of the body of each volunteer by measuring the volume of oxygen in their bodies before and after the exercise program.

Apparently based on the MRI, sports circulation to the dentate gyrus and the more fit a person, the more smooth the flow of blood.

"Further research we will do is determine what type of exercise most beneficial to improve memory and reduce senility. Hopefully someday doctors might recommend that patients begin to experience memory decline to exercise," said Small.


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